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With Berkhan-Software products you do not have to worry about buying a pig in a poke. We are offering demo versions right here, which you may use without any time limitations and test to your heart's content.

Important: If you have downloaded the Internet version, you have to unpack the archive first, if not executed automatically. If you like the program, click on [Order] to buy a full version. More information in our online shop.

Please note: A registration might not become effective until you have rebooted your computer. This depends on the type of computer you have. The folder Manual contains several HTML files, which offer instructions and notes about the use of Omikron Basic. To read the files use an HTML browser such as Safari, Firefox or MS Explorer.

Omikron Basic 8.5 Full Suite (English)

Download: Omikron Basic 8.5 (6 MB)

Description: Omikron Basic 8.5 Full Suite includes Omikron Basic 8.5, EasyGem Library (Lite), EasyFractal (plus all the according manuals).

Omikron Basic 7 Full Suite (English)

Download: Omikron Basic 7.5 (8 MB)

Description: Omikron Basic 7.5 Full Suite includes Omikron Basic 7.5, EasyGem Library (Lite), EasyFractal (plus all the according manuals).

EasyFractal 3.5 (English)

Download: Easy Fractal 3.5 (c. 2 MB)

Description: EasyFractal 3.5 is a further development of the EasyGem trainings program, which is delivered with EasyGem Library. Easy Fractal calculates Fractals in real-time and has a lot of interesting features for working at color palettes and easily change the appearance of fractals.
Zoom into the infinite depths of the fractal universe and discover new wonderful pictures no one has ever seen before.
Contains a Quickstart Tutorial , which will serve to familiarize you with the most important functions of Easy Fractal.
More in-depths information and details can be found in the included manual.
I want to learn more about Easy Fractal

Easy Fractal
If you like Easy Fractal, please register at a fee of $30. By registering you support the development of this really fascinating program.

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