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Professional Complex Number Calculation.
Physicists, electrical and other engineers require complex numbers, because many problems can be calculated much more easily and elegantly on the body of the complex numbers than with real numbers.
Omikron Basic's Complex Library makes it now possible to compute all functions with complex numbers as well.

­ Numbers are stored in strings and can be assigned directly and checked for equality using =".
­ All basic arithmetic operations and additional multiplication / division with pure real/imaginary numbers
­ Non­analytical functions (complex conjugation, complex amount)
­ Transcendental functions (exponential, sine, cosine functions, and so forth) including hyperbolic functions and all inverse functions)
­ Conversion of cartesian coordinates into polar coordinates and vice versa.
­ Complement, reciprocal, root, square, and power function
­ Polynomial processing (addition, subtraction, etc., functional value and null point calculation)
­ Matrix processing (addition, subtraction, inversion, and hermitec conjugation, etc.)
­ Complex curve integral
­ Input/output routines for complex numbers (input keyboard, file, or DATA lines; formatted output similar to PRINT USING).

Table of Content

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