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Welcome to the EasyGem Library!

Building Professional User Interfaces for Omikron Basic Programs.
Using the EasyGem Library it is easy to create a user interface for a program. Simply insert the corresponding commands for menus, dialog boxes, and windows into the text of the program. In this case, the EasyGem Library undertakes the greatest part of the management task of these structures. Thus, the user does not need to create any resource files and/or event handlers.

In paticular several commands of the EasyGem Library are used for the creation and management of menus. The text and the attributes of a menu item can be modified during the program's runtime using the corresponding commands. EasyGem can manage several parallel menubars simultaneously. This means that only one command is required to switch between the menus. If a menu option was selected by the user, EasyGem issues a message indicating which entry option was selected.

Dialog boxes can be equipped with texts, input fields, check boxes, buttons, or radio buttons. If a dialog box was called, EasyGem automatically takes over management. After the user has exited the box, the program can inquire, which texts were entered, or which buttons are selected, and then reacts accordingly.

EasyGem makes child's play out of working with windows as well. Several types of windows can be defined each optimized for a specific task (e.g., graphics, text entry). In this case, management of these windows is performed entirely by EasyGem. The programmer does not have to be concerned whether the user just clicked on the scroll bar or wants to move the window on the desktop.

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