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Rectangles specified by setting the left upper corner and the length and width (X,Y,W,H) were interpreted by all Omikron Basic versions before 6.55 as one pixel too small in height and width. This affects the commands BOX, PBOX, RBOX, PRBOX, CLIP, BITBLT, and SCREEN. Omikron Basic output windows were also set one pixel too small.

We would like to take this opportunity to address the recurring problems some users had in trying to identify files using path names. Files can also be located via a partial path name. If the partial path begins with a folder, it is absolutely necessary to use a colon before the partial path. If you want to indicate zero for both the VolumeReferenceNumber and the DirectoryIdentificationNumber, the file is being searched for starting with the current path. See also <File Name> or the demo program 'MoveSprite.BAS' for the Library Maker.

A few addressees of the Extension Library were changed. If programs are being used that contain an older version of the Extension Library (before version 1.05), these must be replaced with the current version from the disk; the computer being used could otherwise experience serious crashes.

Short Note about the Online Manual:
The HTML manual was tested with the Internet Browsers Netscape (v. 4.0 and on up), Opera 3.21 and MS Explorer.
It was discovered that the MS Explorer occasionally experiences problems locating the links within the boundaries of a table. This is especially true for links leading to chapter 5-1 to chapter 5-12 (e.g., links to compiler control words). We are sorry if this should cause users any inconvenience.

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