Free Demoversions for Omikron BASIC Mac and Atari, EasyGem Library, Easy Fractal

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With Berkhan-Software products you do not have to worry about buying a pig in a poke. We are offering demo versions right here, which you may use without any time limitations and test to your heart's content.

Important: If you have downloaded the Internet version, you have to unpack the archive first. If not executed automatically, you have to drag the program to the StuffIt Expander icon. After the files have been unpacked, you will have a demo version on your hard drive. By running through the registration process, which is explained in the program, you can convert the demo version to the full version.

Of course, if you are not eligible for an update, then you have to first purchase the program by paying the licensing fee.

Please note: A registration might not become effective until you have rebooted your computer. This depends on the type of computer you have. The folder Manual contains several HTML files, which offer instructions and notes about the use of Omikron Basic. To read the files use an HTML browser such as Netscape or MS Explorer. These programs are part of the operating system since the MacOS System 8 has been on the market; however, these programs are also available from a variety of online services, CDs in Mac magazines and via the Internet.

Demo Version for Apple Power Mac:

Omikron Basic 6
Description: Omikron Basic Full Suite
includes Omikron Basic 6.56, EasyGem Library (Lite), EasyFractal

Omikron Basic v. 6.56 Full Suite "ombas6ef.sit" (3,3 MB)


Omikron Basic 7
New Release:

Omikron Basic 7 (Beta)
for Apple Power Mac

 Programmieren mit Omikron Basic 7

Omikron Basic 7 requires System 8.1 or later and at least 6 MB free memory. If you are using an older operating system you can still purchase Omikron Basic 6 with guarantee for a free upgrade to Omikron Basic 7.


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